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Secondlifephone has everything you need to easily run your refurbished smartphone dropshipping business on Backmarket, Amazon, Swappie, cDiscount and other major marketplaces

Why Sell Refurbished Smartphones Online?

According to IDC, Refurbished smartphone to grow to 55 million from 2015 to 2020. Used smartphone shipments will reach 332.9 million units in 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% from 2018 to 2023. With such a large percentage of people seeking for refurbished smartphone and growing popularity of marketplace such as Backmarket, Amazon, cDiscount, Swappie, it is a good idea to dropship refurbished smartphones.

It is financially risker to wholesale used or refurbished smartphones than to dropship them. It its an expensive venture if you are unable to sell the product. If you dropship them instead, you only buy inventory for what you need from customers who’ve already paid you.

Also, as a dropshipper you can set a margin that always you to make a sizeable profit.

How to choose a Reliable Refurbished / Used Smartphone Supplier?

USA, Japan and Hong Kong are the 3 major worldwide used iPhones supply market in the past couple of years. Millions of used / second hand iPhones has been transacted through these wholesale hubs. However, if you are planning to sell online, you have to carefully select a supplier who has experience in online business. This is because traditional traders are experienced in wholesale lots only. In addition, they do not understand the different grading standard and requirements in different marketplaces. prides themselves on wholesaling used and refurbished iPhones and serving a lot of eCommerce sellers and dropshippers on Backmarket and Amazon for over 3 years. They understand the grading and quality requirement and prevent any after sales hassle. Their phones are fully diagnosed with Phonecheck and tested by humans. Every phone is packaged carefully with accessories come along in order to fulfil the end customer expectation.

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