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Do you know the different between CPO and China refurbished iPhone?

Many buyers will encounter the concepts of CPO, used and refurbished iPhone during the process of buying iPhone wholesale. What is the different in between? Can you buy it? let's take a look!


An Apple Certified Pre-Owned iPhone or CPO iPhone refers to the units that are officially refurbished by Apple with original parts and gone through Apple's certified rigorous tests and checks to make sure it matches up to Apples high standards.

Refurbished from Shenzhen Mobile Market

As most China sellers purchase bad quality iPhones and refurbish to like new condition in order to maximize the profit, unfortunately there are many hidden problems behind.

#1. Housing quality does not pass

Generally refurbished with high-copy housing, prone to the screen and the housing cannot closed tightly, leaving a large gap, paint fall off after a period of time.

#2. Internal parts fraud

Most of the maintenance parts used by low quality refurbished iPhone come from defective products that are exported from the manufacturer or high imitation products are used to reduce costs, and it is difficult for ordinary users to find out the flaws. Especially internal components, even professional engineers also need to disassemble to check.

#3. Short battery standby time

Low quality refurbished iPhone usually use high-copy batteries that have not passed the quality check, causing the mobile phone to have a short standby time, and if the charging time is too long, it will automatically power off.

#4. Poor call quality

Due to the excessive use of non-official over-the-phone handsets, causing damage and affecting the sound quality of the handset, there may be noise, current noise, and a sudden drop in volume during the call.

#5. No after-sale protection

At present, there is no guarantees for second-hand mobile phones. Most second-hand mobile phone market merchants do not issue any bills and do not provide after-sales warranty services for second-hand mobile phones sold.

There may also be phenomena such as flowering, frequent crashes, etc., so consumers need to be cautious when purchasing such products.

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