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Where to Buy Used Mobile Phones Wholesale in Bulk

Updated: May 30, 2018

The market of second-hand mobile phones is huge...

According to statistics, 50,000 to 60,000 old cell phones are recycled through proper channels every day,

20% of them are bought by about 10 insurance companies in the United States.

80% will flow into Hong Kong, enter the auction house, and then flow into the Mainland and all over the world through auction bidding.

SecondLifePhone, as a leading used mobile phone wholesaler distributor based in Hong Kong, with consistence stock distributed in UK, HK, US warehouse, we offer marginal VAT to ensure customers around Europe enjoy the most competitive price for their business.

We source directly from top tier carriers, phone auction houses to ensure consistent quantities and quality.

All devices are unlocked, tested, graded, cleaned & fully functional, with clean IMEI, and packed in individual box, to ensuring quality to meet our customer satisfaction. 

Contact us for an updated wholesale price and stock list.

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